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Jan van Eden

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1995 Construction of the studio at Sabayes


1995 - Studio under construction Lifting an ancient stone tomb that was used to cool down forged iron in the smithy that was located at this same place. (Fernando Alcazar,  Carlos, Cor Meier)










1995 Jan - enero























1995 Miguel - enero























1995 Miguel Santolaria Gracia - enero























1995 Pepa Santolaria Garcia - september














1995 Jose Andres y Jan y Miguel(?) - september























Miguel Santolaria Garcia [ideas, planning, excavations, and finishing]
Jose Andres Santolaria [transporte de escombros]
Camilo Poblador [consejos]
Miguel Santolaria Gracia [excavations, handling "Maquita" hammer]
Fernando Moreno [construction of  concrete floor, demolishing roof]
Alberto Aquilue [excavations, handling "Maquita" hammer]
Andre Winkler [drilled the first hole to pass an electricity cable in 1994]
Sergio Maraschin [first excavations]
Cor Meijer [excavations, moving large stones]
Gerrit Bergsma [excavations, and floortiles]
Lilian Lefever [finishings floortiles]
Enrique Andrade [excavations]
Jan R Hoogland [cutting ceramic tiles for ceiling]
Gert Jan Geerse [moving rooftiles]
Willem van Eden [removing rooftiles]
Jesus Santolaria [building brick arches]
Metha van Laar [moving building materials]
Roberto Cardil [excavations]
Fernando Alcazar [ideas, problem solving]
Ignacio [technical calculation roof support]
Aard Besuyen [waterproofing of overlying terras]
Armando Alvarez [steel structures supporting the house]
Carlos [albanil, removal of "tomb" from floor of the smithy]
Antonio Estallo [albanil, roofconstruction front part, stone walls facing village]
Fernando Estallo [albanil, roofconstruction back part]
Antonio Nasarre [transporting large blocks of stone]
Joaquin Catalan [albanil, finishings]
Pasqual Catalan [albanil, finishings]
Blansusin [albanil, floortiles]

With thanks to all of you
Gracias a todos






Recent work of Jan van Eden


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