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Jan van Eden

bio - 2000 onwards


An anthology 1960 - 2002
The retrospective exhibition at the DPH de Huesca, Spain in November 2002 was a great event with many dear friends from Huesca, Madrid, the Netherlands and overseas visiting Huesca and Sabayes.



Huesca 15th of November



First gathering on the 15th of November at the restaurant Hervi's for a welcome "cena". Rafa Otal y JoseMari Villacampa in the foreground












































Hans van Oosterom, Jackie Cuthbert, Pamela Blatt from the Netherlands.





















Trix van Rosmalen from Madrid, Pepa and Marijke van Oosterom from the Netherlands.



















































16th of November, day of the inauguration of the exhibition. Gathering in Sabayes for the barbacoa at middle of the day.



Northern terrace of our home at Sabayes with PiaCuto in the background. Hans van Oosterom from Amsterdam, Jan van Eden and Rolf Ruyter de Wildt from Australia.






















Southern terrace with Hans van Piggelen from The Hague, Netherlands, Rolf Ruyter de Wildt, Leonoor and Joke van Piggelen, Pien Ruyter de Wildt and Jan van Eden.





















Jacky Cuthbert, Hans Hidskes, Maria Lopez and Jan van Eden























Alberto Carrera Blecua, Maribel Carnicer, Pollux, Castor, y Marioja Belio

























A full southern terrace,

Ana Villacampa y mas.























Inside: Leonoor van Piggelen, Joaquina de Genover Vilacolum (Gerona), Pepa Santolaria, Isabel Almazan, JoseMari Villacampa





















Ramon Vogel, Paul and Anneke van Rosmalen, Corrine Bosch, Joaquina de Genover, Jacqui Cuthbert





















Inauguration of the exhibition
Diputacion Provincial Huesca
16th of November,



Inauguration of the exhibition, Pepa Santolaria,

Concejal de Cultura, Jan van Eden and Maria Pilar Goded












































































































Felipe Sagaseta, Pepa Santolaria, Felipe Sagaseta Almazan, Jan van Eden, Ana Almazan, Ana Sagaseta













Amelia and Joaquin Ferraz, Miguel Santolaria, Carmen Santolaria Torres, X, Ronald van Engen, Anneke van Rosmalen












Albrto Carrera Blecua, Jacqui Cuthbert, Jan van Eden, Pamela Blatt and Pepa Santolaria













At night
Fiesta Gitana at the studio in Sabayes


































































































Untill very late that night












































Coordination of the exhibition at the DPH: Teresa Luesma

Maestra Ceremoni:  Pepa Santolaria


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